Welcome to my metal art site. I strive to design and produce quality, detailed metal silhouettes of trains, excavation equipment, and early America and farming scenes. These art pieces and scenes depict the different types of implements that have been used on the rails, in the towns and on farms over the last 150 years to the present. They range from the use of horse power through steam power to today's large diesel engines and 4WD equipment. They have all contributed and continue to play an essential role in the development of transportation, agriculture and small town America.
I have been collecting steam engine and tractor art, books, manuals, wrenches and other related items for a number of years. It was natural to combine an interest in historical equiment and implements with modern CNC plasma torch steel cutting technology to create those types of items in metal. The silhouettes are original art based on photos I have taken over time as well as other historical references.

Just watching these implements in action lets you see that the use of steam engines and early tractors involved a lot of hard, dusty, sweaty work. This was an era long before air conditioned cabs with stereos, cell phones, air-ride seats, GPS systems and computer displays.

While we may see these implements today only at antique shows or in museums, they still evoke a sense of fascination and wonderment when seen in action. So whether you are the proud owner of one of these classic pieces of equipment or a "wanna be" like me, or someone who just admires, appreciates and loves seeing them in action, this art was made for you. I hope you enjoy the art as much as I do developing it.

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